Tyree Oil Acquires Lubricant Division of Christenson Oil

Portland, Ore. — Tyree Oil, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the lubricant distribution
business of Christenson Oil, based in Portland.

Christenson Oil is the perfect complement to Tyree Oil’s current operations. By bringing the two
companies together, customers will have access to expanded product lines and additional technical

Christenson Oil will continue to operate a separate lubricant blending facility, also in Portland.

About Tyree Oil

Tyree Oil was founded in Eugene in 1988 and is a distributor of petroleum products and services with
branch locations in Portland, Eugene, Roseburg, Reedsport, and a marine terminal in Coos Bay. The
company is diversified within the industry including fuels, heating oils, lubricants, specialty lubricants,
cardlock fueling, fleet fueling, retail stations and common carrier trucking. The company is recognized
as a leader in environmentally friendly products, including alternative fuels, such as E-85 ethanol and