Maximize uptime and minimize cost with reliable solutions and technical expertise that let you focus on your business.

A modern lubrication program starts with a high-quality product. But it’s not just about delivering your gear lubes, greases, motor oils, or transmission fluids. Our Industrial Engineers can analyze your oil program and provide expertise, equipment, and other services to help reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Managing a complex inventory of lubrication projects can be demanding— especially when you factor in the technical expertise required to understand the industrial equipment they serve. Tyree™ does that work for you.

Our service and engineering staff focuses on keeping your machines running longer and more efficiently with the best possible products for your money. And because managing a huge roster of supplier relationships takes your time and focus away from your business, we offer a full, carefully selected range of traditional and environmentally friendly products. Our experience, service, and flexibility mean that when you partner with Tyree, you get the right product at the right time—every time.

Top Brands, Top Products

Tyree has partnered with the best distributors for the top lubricant brands, including Mobil™, Durex, BigFoot, Petro-Canada, and others. Our bulk buying power ensures that we give you the best-priced and highest-quality lubricants.

Tyree has teamed up with Mobil™ and is now part of  ExxonMobil’s™ Finished Lubricant Distribution network. Mobil™ extends our ability to stay on top of new technologies and provides innovative, cost-efficient ways to keep you up and running.

Mobil™ has a broad range of lubricant solutions to meet the needs of even the harshest of applications. Tyree and Mobil™ will also work alongside you, offering expert Mobil Serv℠ technical services to provide insights that give your business an operational advantage.

Our primary focus is to provide the most reliable and customer-oriented service possible. If you need fuel, lubricants, or diesel exhaust fluid for any application, Tyree is your partner.

Aviation Oils

Tyree carries ExxonMobil Jet™ Aviation Oils, including the full line of 80-weight and 120-viscosity jet oils, designed for all of your aircraft.

Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

When it comes to vegetable-based, bio-friendly lubricants, Tyree carries the full line of BioBlend Lubricants, as well as ExxonMobil™’s EAL line of environmentally friendly and zinc-free lubricants.


Tyree supplies your business with H1 food-grade oils from ExxonMobil™ and Petro-Canada that meet all FDA safety standards.

Gear Lubricants

We supply gear oils for every industry: from forestry to agriculture, automotive, and beyond.


Tyree carries a full line of synthetic hydrocarbon greases, conventional greases, heavy-duty greases, MOLY greases, and food-grade greases for every industry.

Heavy-Duty Motor Oils

We supply ExxonMobil™’s Delvac 1300 series for your heavy duty motor oil needs, as well as Petro-Canada’s DURON line. These are suitable for any heavy duty equipment engine, including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, and more.

Industrial Oils

From hydraulic oils to gear oils, Tyree supplies a wide variety of the industrial lubricants you need from ExxonMobil™ and Petro-Canada.

Marine Lubricants

We carry ExxonMobil™’s extensive marine lubricant line, including food-grade and zinc-free oils for all boats and vessels. Plus, Tyree’s technicians are Coastguard certified for all over-the-water and coastline vessel services.

Metalworking Fluids

Tyree carries multi-purpose cutting oils, including synthetics and coolants for light to heavy machining.

Passenger Car Motor Oils

We cover all categories of passenger car motor oils with the Mobil™ 1 Line, including European, Japanese, Korean, and American vehicles. We’re proud to partner with Mobil™, the largest factory-filled OEM provider in the United States.

Railroad Lubricants

Tyree carries a wide range of premium locomotive engine oils to cover all manufacturer requirements and improve your efficiency on the railroad.

Transmission Fluid

We carry full synthetic and conventional transmission fluids for the passenger car motor oil (PCMO) and heavy-duty markets.

Hydraulic Oil

ExxonMobil™ has a full line of hydraulic oils to meet all of your needs for use in hydraulic systems.

Natural Gas Engine Oil

Tyree and ExxonMobil™ provide Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGOs) for use in most or all applications, including buses, pipelines, generators, and much more.

Turbine Oil

We carry multiple grades of turbine oils for dams, hydroelectric operations, and other applications.