From critical engine components to the wheel wells of your aircraft...

Strict guidelines regarding maintenance and operations mean you need the utmost reliability for your equipment.

We have a thorough understanding of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. That’s why we offer a portfolio of hydraulic fluids, lubricants, greases, and fuel products that meet and exceed these strict standards.

Our Aviation division offers a comprehensive array of lubricants and fuels for the commercial and general aviation industry. We supply the best brands of turbine and piston oils, aviation grease and hydraulic oils, and icing inhibitors. With jet fuel and avgas, as well as equipment and tank monitoring systems to help you better manage your fuel inventory, we can fill all of your aircraft needs.

Whether you are a Fixed-based Operator (FBO) or own your own plane, our technical team will offer you the same combination of product and application expertise that will leave you knowing that you have the right partner for all your aviation fuel and lubricant needs.

Our suite of Reliability Solutions is created to develop a robust solution for your expansive aviation needs. Partner our premium, long-lasting products with our preventive services and experience ultimate reliability and performance of your aviation equipment.

Get fueled for flight. We offer:

  • The full range of Mobil™ Aviation fuels and lubricants, including Mobil Jet™
  • Jet hydraulic oils
  • Specialty lubricants
  • Ice inhibitors
  • Your preferred jet fuel upon request

Our services throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington include:

  • Jet A or 100 LL delivered to your tank or Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for private aviation customers
  • Tank monitoring systems to manage your fuel inventory
  • The ability to get your preferred aviation products delivered to you

Partner with Tyree and ensure complete operating reliability and efficiency throughout the life of your aviation operations.