Let us get you ready for the road ahead

Our Trucking division has worked diligently to provide the industry’s best lubricants, fuel, and fuel management offerings. Your trucks travel a long, hard road through intense heat in the summer and freezing rain and snow in winter, requiring the most reliable fuels and lubricants.

Our team will work closely with you to keep your trucks on the road and out of the shop to prevent costly downtime. That’s why so many fleet managers turn to Tyree™ for high-performance solutions that can support your efforts to boost productivity and lower overall operating costs.

Truck operations need effective inventory management. We provide:

  • Automated tank monitoring and on-time, reliable fuel and lubricant delivery management to your job site or facility.
  • Dedicated technicians that install, repair, and calibrate tank monitors
  • Direct access to our trained customer service staff and sales team to assist you with all your needs
  • Manual inventory management on-site at your request


Fast Response: Our team is always ready to head to you. Our trucks are fully outfitted with pump-off and gravity drop equipment at all times.

Loaned Equipment: We’ll bring portable tank trailers and monitors to your job site or facility so you can minimize your downtime.

Oil Sampling: Extend the life cycle of your oil with our oil sampling services. Our sample engine ports allow you to defer oil changes by up to 100k miles.

Service Across the West: We provide daily service to Southern Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, with extended service across the West Coast.

Remote Location Delivery: We go where the competition won’t. From mountainous logging sites to over-the-water marine areas, the team at Tyree keeps you in motion.

Manage your fuel with our extensive Cardlock program