Our Forestry division has provided over three decades of support to every aspect of the wood products industry.

Tyree™ has earned a reputation for being an industry-leading partner for all your lubricants and fuel needs, from logging and hauling to log yards and mills.

Our team understands the rigorous demands on people and equipment in this industry, and we can help you make your equipment work longer while your team in the field works smarter. Our unique approach to field testing, product applications, inventory management, and lubrication surveys will provide you with a top-to-bottom program that increases the life of your equipment and brings more profit to your bottom line.

A complete range of service offerings for your mill or log site

  • 24/7 commercial tank filling
  • Fleet fueling of loaders, excavators, forklifts, or any equipment at your job site
  • Loaned equipment for your job site, including portable tank trailers
  • Tank monitoring and reliability services solutions for maximum uptime and reduced operating costs
  • An impressive footprint in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Southern Washington, and Northern California

Reliable solutions that know no bounds.

  • We provide active fire response services for USFS, ODF, and other agencies by providing on-site refueling services for on-duty vehicles and equipment.
  • Many of our technicians are former loggers, truck drivers, and industry professionals – meaning they’ll go where your site is, no matter how remote.
  • Inventory management for your equipment: we track market volatility to promote savings and optimize the timing of deliveries directly to your woods job or mill.

Optimize your equipment with our lubricant engineers

  • Lubricant surveys by our specialized engineers follow your processes from one side of the mill or job site to the other, ensuring that the most up-to-date lubricants are used throughout your production.
  • We determine proper viscosity and applications for lubricants in order to maximize your inventory and profit and ensure equipment longevity.

Durex Bar & Chain Oil was created for Professional Loggers in the Pacific Northwest

  • We distribute Durex® Bar and Chain Oil the leading bar and chain oil in the PNW.
  • Faster cutting with less fatigue and exceptional protection to the bar, chain, and sprockets during high temperatures and/or high-speed operation on all chain gears.
  • Supreme Durability with anti-wear additives to increase the lifespan of your equipment and accessories by reducing heat and friction on the cutting chain and guide bar and resisting metal fatigue.
  •  All-season lubricant perfect for gas and electric chainsaws, pole saws, hedge trimmers, and any other equipment that uses slide bars or chain gears – works for all brands.
  • Available for sale at your local Bi-Mart stores. –


Sustainability has been a guiding principle at Weyerhaeuser for well over 100 years. Put simply, we're driven by the belief that forests are the most sustainable and versatile resources on Earth, and we have a tremendous responsibility to manage them well today and long into the future.

—Devin W. Stockfish - Weyerhaeuser President & CEO