Chemicals & Additives

Whatever your specific chemicals and additives needs, Tyree can help you out.

We can tailor your engine to your specifications with a huge selection of fluids and additives that keep your equipment and business running at maximum efficiency – with minimal impact to your budget. 

Diesel and Gasoline Additives

Tyree proudly partners with Combustion Technologies to supply our diesel and gasoline engine customers with CleanBoost® fuel treatments for cleanliness, optimal injector performance, and directors, injectors, and fuel pump lubrication.

Starting Fluid

Starting fluid is made up of 100% methanol or ethanol and is used to help start your internal combustion engine in colder weather.

Brake Fluid

We carry Pyroil DOT 3 and DOT 4 high-temp formulas to maximize performance for all ABS, Disc, and  Drum braking systems that meet all manufacturers’ recommendations.

Power Steering Fluid

We meet your passenger car Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications with a wide range of power steering fluid.