You can’t maximize uptime if you’re running on empty.

Tyree™ supplies fuels and fuel management solutions that deliver value and optimize equipment performance for your operation, including industry-leading reliability services that help you achieve your goals sooner.

You could buy fuel from anyone. When you choose Tyree, you acquire more than just a product: you get expertise, assurance, and efficiency. Fuel prices are incredibly volatile and can change multiple times a day. At Tyree, our team monitors the market to ensure you get the best prices for your engines.

For more than three decades, we’ve been helping our customers control fuel costs, reduce downtime, and increase profit margins. Whether we’re monitoring your tank supply, tracking commodity pricing, advising you on environmentally friendly alternatives, or reducing theft with our secure cardlock systems, we help you manage your business without hesitation or worry. Partner with us and invest in reliability.


Our fleet of fuel trucks is dedicated to timely and accurate deliveries. As the premier distributor across Oregon and Southern Washington, we distribute the highest quality fuel from multiple reliable sources. Our bulk storage capabilities allow us to offer you competitive pricing.

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Our delivery trucks are equipped with the latest tracking technologies, giving our dispatch real-time location data. We use live tracking technology and artificial intelligence routing to ensure on-time deliveries with minimal environmental impact with the help of our partner FleetPanda.

Multiple Supply Points

We have made it a priority to have access to multiple supply points for our wholesale fuel. With numerous Tyree-owned bulk tank farms across the Pacific Northwest, we can supply your fuel even when the market is challenged.

Intelligent Inventory Management

We manage your inventory with state-of-the-art technologies to prevent shortages.  A combination of truck technology, tank monitoring, and our stellar 24/7/365 dispatch team ensures you are receiving your product accurately and on time.


Start saving time and money today! We take the headache out of getting fuel when you need it.

Commercial fuel options include:

On-Road Diesel Fuel

Our on-road diesel fuel, also known as clear diesel, is intended for cars, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and regular trucks. Also sometimes called “automobile diesel.” We can also provide Biodiesel to any of our on-road diesel customers.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Off-road diesel isn’t taxed, so it is less expensive than on-road diesel. Sometimes it’s called red-dyed diesel, red fuel, off-highway diesel, or farm diesel. And, it’s not intended to be used for vehicles driven on the road.

Unleaded and Premium Gasoline

We deliver unleaded and premium gasoline, including E10 ethanol products for our Oregon customers and non-ethanol products, such as non-ethanol premium, for small-engine equipment and vehicles.

Racing Fuel / Ethanol

Tyree supplies and distributes Renegade Race Fuel® in your preferred quantities, including drums. We carry and deliver 110 and 114 octane fuels, as well as Ethanol fuels such as E85 and E98.


Tyree supplies and delivers biodiesel and biodiesel blends to our customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We also provide our Oregon customers with the state-mandated 5% biodiesel, D5. From B20 all the way to B999, Tyree works with you to keep you fueled.


Tyree distributes K1 kerosene, a highly refined, odorless kerosene suitable for fueling home heaters, lamps, and stoves. To prevent fuel freezing, we also distribute #1 diesel kerosene heating oil, including blends of #1 diesel and regular diesel.


We supply non-bio and B5 products to our locomotive customers. Visit our Railroad page to find out more about our capabilities.