Oil Analysis

We provide comprehensive fluid testing to ensure your equipment and its components are working both efficiently and effectively.

Oil analysis is a critical preventive action that helps keep you up and running. Our lubrication specialists focus on the overall health of your oil, with an eye on potential contamination and machinery wear. Oil analysis is designed to save you time and money and boost your equipment’s reliability and productivity. 

Fleet owners, heavy equipment operators and industrial technicians frequently change component fluids in an effort to boost performance and protect the integrity of their engines. Oftentimes, they dispose of expensive products prematurely or even worse, continue operating with underperforming and outdated fluids. Oil analysis evaluates how effective that new or existing product is when it comes to your vehicles, and if everything is working as it should. Let our experts help you with developing a comprehensive program.

  • First, we talk with you about the machinery you use, the operating conditions at your facility, and the type of lubricant you’re using.
  • Then, our experts draw samples, which we send to a third-party lab for analysis.
    Finally, test results, often available within 24 hours, indicate any “red” flags, such as out-of-range viscosities or ISO codes, contamination, metal wear, or if the additive package used is performing to specification.
  • While these results may vary with each piece of equipment, using best practices in oil analysis we help our customers interpret the results and establish programs to help maintain productivity while reducing downtime and stretching capital budgets.