Our commitment goes beyond simply meeting environmental regulations.

Tyree is proud to be recognized as a leader in environmentally friendly products, including alternative products and Biodiesel, as well as eco-friendly lubricants and chemicals. Tyree was one of the first petroleum distributors to partner with SeQuential BioFuels plant in Salem, Oregon back in 2005 to bring Biodiesel to the state of Oregon. We continue to invest in technology, procedures, and products to reduce petroleum consumption and conservation of energy resources.

Tyree not only makes knowing state and federal regulations pertaining to the environment a top priority, we make it so our customers know those regulations as well. Our team of experts also goes above and beyond to help customers abide by everything in their everyday practice, which not only ensures they are following standards but also helps them to avoid often hefty fees handed out for violations.

For companies who want to go above and beyond standards, we also offer numerous environmentally friendly products and services including oil filtration and green solutions that keep machines running efficiently. Expanding that portfolio continues to be a priority for us as well, especially moving into an age where we have more restrictions on how we handle products than ever before.